World Class Crib Sheet

Factory direct to you, for the first time.

  • 100% Canadian owned & operated
    By Zscout370 at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Unique super-wide pockets for secure fit
    Macdonald Design Crib Sheet
  • Knit and manufactured in Canada
    • Soft stretch knit cotton jersey
    • Super wide corner pockets for easy changes
    • Helps corners stay on overnight
    • Invented and made in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada using Canadian materials
  • Hospital proven for durability
    • Nurse approved
    • Does not result in bed sores
    • Easy to use
    Macdonald Design Crib Sheet
  • Unique manufacturing process
    • Low carbon footprint
    • Ethically made
  • Resists chafing for your infant's comfort
    Macdonald Design Crib Sheet