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Rob and I began as a family business making receiving blankets for an Amish Catalogue Co in the U.S. After a while we got a contract to make bath mats for infants which were sent to Mother Care in Britain.

Before this Rob worked for a company making baby clothes. Things changed when manufacturing went to China and the company could no longer compete with foreign labor.

We eventually came up with more ideas on how to make a fitted hospital sheet. Rob had a unique idea on manufacturing this item which we now use to produce infant crib sheets. This sheet had many great features, including:

  • comfortable,
  • stayed on,
  • easy to maintain,
  • easy to put on, and
  • did not result in bedsores after long use.

Nurses loved this item. This sheet came into hospitals just as the flat sheet was going out.

We patented and licensed the sheet and it is sold throughout the world.

We have 16 grandchildren and lots of opportunities for trial and error. Our babies and mothers are 100% convinced that this is the best quality for your money.

The choice is simple - for the best crib sheet money can buy, try us.

Sondra Macdonald
Macdonald Design

Sondra Macdonald
Rob Macdonald and grandkids
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Macdonald Family